Popcorn Time 0.4.X Updates

Hello lovely Popcorners, long time no see, we've missed you and hope you missed us too. Friends stick with friends in times of hardship, so we couldn't let you down in the middle of the COVID19 we're all going through. That's why we decided to release a new Popcorn Time ( 0.4.X) as our contribution to your staying at home and safe.

This is our first update in a long time so please bear with us as we grease our release machine like in the good old days. We can't wait for your comments on the new stuff in our forum

Of the features we've released so far in Popcorn Time you'll find:

  • download before watch: we know the internets gets slow sometime, and for those of you who can't stream a torrent you can now schedule downloads and watch them another time.

  • better vpn integration: we will now warn you if you are not connected and your IP is visible in the internets

  • continuous seeding: you can now choose to be a top notch torrent citizen and continue seeding after you've finished downloading so you can show your love to other with bandwidth.

  • torrent based updater: now you can be a part of the PT infrastructure, leave it on and you'll help get updates to your fellow Popcorners making us even more resilient than we were.

  • various API updates: we have better data, nicer art and added the ability to set your own API so that all of you can decide what is the best content for your needs, drop us a line if you decide to roll your own.

As always we're always happy for new contributors both on the desktop client
and the API side, that you can find in our GitHub page.


Popcorn Time Team

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